Are lash extensions good for fitness lovers?

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January 7, 2017
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Are lash extensions good for fitness lovers?

lash extensions and fitness

The question we often hear is: are lash extensions good for fitness lovers? Is that something you were asking yourself too? You will find a definite answer in our blog post!

We absolutely LOVE when our clients have a very healthy lifestyle, as we are fans of this ourselves. The question is… Are eyelash extensions for sweaty gym session? Are they a good idea when you absolutely love winter sports?

Well, we know that when it comes to beauty and gym or in general: sports- this two things don’t often come together. You want to get sweaty and don’t worry about panda-eyes, don’t you? But on the other hand, we still want to look just a bit more beautiful, even when we are working our very hard. We are aware of that!

Our amazing client Charlotte wrote in her blog post about our eyelash extensions:

They successfully survived the New York City Marathon, plus the Las Vegas Rock N Roll 5 and 10Ks. Plus plenty of other sweaty running workouts, gym sessions, and yoga. (…) They even survived a 1000m swim. READ FULL BLOG POST

As you can see, our eyelash extensions can absolutely go along with your lifestyle- doesn’t matter how busy at the gym and fit you are- they will survive absolutely everything!

Just as a proof.. Watch this video done by our amazing client Chemmy Alcott, who is an amazing Winter Olympian:

If you’re into fitness- we guess that’s the easiest option to feel beautiful no matter what. You can have the hardest workout or a marathon and still have this amazing feminine element, that will never let you down for sure 🙂


Agnes dos Santos team xx

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