How to prepare for your very first lash extensions appointment?

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February 24, 2017
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March 13, 2017
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How to prepare for your very first lash extensions appointment?

Are you just before your first lash extensions appointment? We have prepared this guide just for you, so you can come knowing all of the important things!


Yes, you need to have one at least 48 hours before your appointment. So please make sure you will visit your lash salon to just quickly check if you won’t have any allergic reactions. It’s crucial to have this done so you can have the best possible experience later on.

When you have already done your patch test and you’re ready for your first ever lash extensions, here is your check list before your appointment!


Yes, we know how it sounds 🙂 But it’s very important as you won’t be able to wet your eyelashes for at least 48 hours… Therefore is just better to wash your hair just before your lash visit to be sure you won’t be missing our on having a beautiful hair day.


We don’t recommend coming for your first lash extensions appointment with full eye make up. It just saves your time and all of the hassle when you come make up free. Of course you can wear foundation, have your brows done. But please skip heavy mascara and loads of eye shadows. Thank you!


If your natural eyelashes are almost invisible, please consider tinting them. It will make the process of application much more quicker and easier for your lash technician. And also- you will have fuller look afterwards.


First lash extensions appointment might sound very complicated. But to be honest- it’s all about YOU. So please relax. If you will feel anything that’s uncomfortable just tell your lash technician. If you have a string reaction to coffee- don’t drink it just before the appointment as we want you to be very calm. That’s why this is very often called lash nap- we want you just to close your eyes and enjoy! 🙂

Hope to see you very soon,

Agnes dos Santos team xx

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