Eyelash Extensions

Agnes dos Santos | Perfect Eyelashes is one of the UK's leading independent eyelash extension boutiques. We specialise in creating bespoke eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty.
We believe that every single woman has the right to feel beautiful and wonderful in her own skin. In an ideal world, her outward appearance just would not matter. In the world we live in though, image is extremely important. Therefore we want you to look like yourself, only better. We want to give you the confidence to look the world square in the face and to get what you want out of life. Our mission is to make you leave the salon looking and feeling wonderful.

At Agnes dos Santos | Perfect Eyelashes salons we use our bespoke technique to extend your natural lashes. The lash extensions are applied by an experienced lash stylist with many years of experience so your lashes will feel completely weightless, individually separated with no clumps giving you the look you always dreamed of. Despite that eyelash extensions are not a conditioner treatment for your lashes we improved many lashes of our clients.

Call us for instant transformation from ordinary lashes to extraordinary, elegant lashes where everyone believes what a perfect lashes you got.

Types of eyelashes

First of all- we do not use any eyelashes that come from animals! Our eyelashes are 100% VEGAN.

What sets semi-permanent lashes apart is that, because each lash is actually permanently bonded onto one of your natural lashes, they will stay in place until the natural lash, as part of its natural lifecycle, falls out. The new lash will grow and so on.

At Perfect Eyelashes after long research we decided which lashes will be best on many aspects.
So now we are proudly offering four types of our branded eyelashes:

Mink lashes

Mink lashes highest quality faux mink lashes, they are made from synthetic material that is very similar to the natural lashes, that`s why the final results are fantastic. Super soft Mink Eyelashes will give you from a soft, natural look to glamorous and sexy look. You will feel the difference and be amazed by the results once you have tried them!

Diamond lashes

Diamond lash - the new lash is the most weightless and luxury synthetic silk eyelash. They are great for people with weaker lashes as without adding any weight adds length and fullness to your natural lashes. No more need for mascara, and your eyes will never look tired. Darker and lighter then faux mink.

Natural Hair lashes

Natural hair lashes are a highest quality natural looking lash made from human hair. They are the lightest, hypo - allergenic without any chemicals or dying involved lashes available. This is the ultimate perfect look for soft, natural, real looking eyelashes! As made from human hair they are the most natural looking lashes, best when you are looking for a very natural look.

Feather lashes

Feather lashes are individually handmade and guaranteed to be a lightest & highest quality looking lash. These eyelashes are THREE TIMES LIGHTER then any lash, so they also last longer. You can use them if your lashes are weaker or damaged. You can go for thicker appearance which provides a natural shine and are super lightweight and flexible. Made from premium synthetic silk they are the most lightest lashes, best when you are looking for a glam to natural look. The choice is yours!

Before Your Lash Extension Appointment

After Your Lash Extensions Appointment

  • DO RESEARCH - Out there are many people offering eyelash extensions so you have to make sure you chose the good one as they will work on your EYES. Lashes applied by inexperienced technician will very likely ruin your own lashes for quite some time. Do not allow anyone to put eyelash extensions on unless they have been properly trained. You should always ask to see proof of certification from the therapist performing the procedure along with their work portfolio.Ideally you want someone who has got at least 6 months experience. To apply the lashes well, takes a lot of hand/eye co-ordination. Not something that happens overnight.
  • UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS - Applying a full set of new lashes can take anywhere from 90 to 180 minutes.To prepare the eye area for extensions, your esthetician will clean your lashes and place hydrating eye pads on top of your bottom lashes.Then, with your eyes closed, your lash professional uses tweezers to apply the extensions using special adhesive.
  • BEFORE YOU ARRIVE - Arrive with no makeup or at least no mascara and do not perm or curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment.
  • CONSULTATION - make sure you will have a full consultation before your treatment. It is very important to get your therapist know what you aiming for, to assess your natural lash condition and choose best possible look for you.
  • PATCH TEST - we require patch test 48 hours before the treatment for clients which are new to lash extensions.If you are very sensitive or you had a previous allergies with eyelash extensions please inform the therapist. Otherwise is unnecessary as we use medical adhesive which will not touch your skin.
  • Our lashes need minimal care.
  • It is important do not wet your lashes for 24h to allow the adhesive to properly dry.
  • It is necessary to avoid oils and oily eye make-up remover as they will loosen the adhesive bond of the extension.
  • Rubbing, scratching and pulling will spoil the effect and shorten the life.
  • All our clients will be given an after care card so you will be fully aware what to do or not to do with your new beautiful lashes.


1Are Perfect Eyelashes Extensions the right thing for me?
Almost anyone can enjoy our lashes so the answer is probably yes. At Perfect Eyelashes we will give you a look to suit your personality and the current conditions of your lashes. You can have a very natural look or a glamorous look, the choice is yours after our consultation where we take you on a journey to the world of eyelash extensions. With your eyes you can see the world; with Perfect Eyelashes the world sees you!
2How long do Perfect Eyelashes Extensions last?
They are a semi-permanent product, lasting up to 2 months where after 3-6 weeks the touch ups are recommended. Many factors will affect the life of the lash extensions. Keep in mind that your own natural lashes shed naturally. This varies for each person. In general, your own natural lash cycle, your lifestyle, and aftercare will affect how long the lashes last. We have range of clients which lashes still are looking good after 2 months from the application.
3Why are touch ups necessary?
Your natural eyelashes continue to grow in a replenishing cycle. Since the extensions are bonded to your own natural lash, you may need to refill the areas where your own natural lash has fallen out. Touch-ups keep the lashes looking fresh. Touch ups generally take 45-60 minutes, depending on how many lashes have fallen out. Each person’s eyelashes fall out at different intervals. We only fill in the ones that need it, it’s not necessary to get a new set every time. Getting re-fills is not something that you can avoid since we have no control of which lashes fall out and how quickly their own natural lashes shed.
4How long does the original application take?
Depending on how dramatic you want the lashes to look, the procedure takes between 70-120 minutes. It is very relaxing as during the application you will lay down on the massage mat with heat to provide pampering comfort while soothing heat helps relax back muscles. It is completely painless. When you open your eyes, you will find thicker more captivating eyelashes.
5Will the Lash extensions pull out my natural lashes?
In general, the lash extensions will not pull out your natural lashes. However, if you pull on the extensions, your natural lash may come off with the extension. But do not worry; your natural lashes will grow back. Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself; otherwise you will pull out your own natural lashes. Removals should be done by a professional in order to preserve your own natural eyelashes.
6After Care
Perfect Eyelashes need minimal care. It is necessary to avoid oils and oily eye make-up remover as they will loosen the adhesive bond of the extension. Rubbing, scratching and pulling will spoil the effect and shorten the life. All our clients will be given an after care card so you will be fully aware what to do or not to do with your new beautiful lashes.