3 New Years beauty resolution ideas!

Happy New Year 2017
Happy New Year 2017!
December 31, 2016
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January 11, 2017
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3 New Years beauty resolution ideas!

New year beauty resolution

Happy New Year everyone!
Do you have your resolutions yet? How do you like the sound of New Year beauty resolution? We absolutely LOVE it! We have 3 ideas for you, if you stick to them for the whole year, believe us, next year you will thank yourself for doing that! 🙂
Ready? Let’s start!


Drinking lemon water is very healthy, we all know that. How about making it your morning routine this year? Let’s put it in our morning reminders, even prepare glass and lemon every evening so it’s ready first thing in the morning. If you’ll treat it as a routine, you will stick to it for the whole year. Your skin will look amazing after 12 months (well, probably sooner!), your body will be thanking you. It’s easy, on the budget and it can only benefit you. 🙂


How about serving yourself with 12 beauty new beauty treatments this year? Write down 12 treatments you always wanted to try, but never did- even if it’s ‘oh, I always wanted to try this shellac manicure’ or ‘chocolate massage sounds like heaven!’. You will find 12 faster than you imagine! And then just book them for the whole year. Each month you will experience new exceptional beauty treatment. Believe us, next year probably there will be a list of 24 new treatments 🙂


If you love knowledge as much as we do, you will agree that improving yourself is the best investment. How can you connect it with beauty? Easy! Book beauty/health related course. It can be make up class, lash extensions training, healthy cooking course or even organic soap making one! You will learn new skill and gain knowledge that will benefit your 2017. 🙂

New Year beauty Resolution

We are so excited because 2017 is already beautiful. Let’s make it even better!


Agnes dos Santos team xx

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