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Let our lash stylist team help you to choose the best lash style for you.

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At Agnes dos Santos lash salon in London, you will find a full range of individual eyelash extensions varying from classic lashes to russian lashes.


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We know London is a city connected to beauty and fashion industry…

Check the 4 reasons on why should you choose Agnes dos Santos lash salon in London.

So, lets began.

4 Reasons on Why You Choose Agnes dos Santos Lash Experts Salon in London?


Agnes dos Santos Vegan Lash Salon London

1st Reason: Eyelash Extensions is Our Expertise

All our lash stylist team is Professionally trained by Agnes dos Santos

As some salons only offer lashes as an added service, but we specialize solely in lash extensions.


We’re experts in Individual and Volume Lash Extensions!
We’re experts in Vegan Lashes & Cruelty Free Lashes!


It’s what we do, and as we absolutely love it.

We use our special lash technique that ensures healthier, more beautiful lashes that last longer and feel fantastic.

On your FREE lash consultation, we will customize a lash style that unique for you.

Meet our team of Lash Experts Salon in London:

Agnes dos Santos Vegan Lash Team

If you are new to lash extensions or if you already done it before…

… either way our lash experts team can help you.

If you are not sure about anything that involves lashes…

… just give us a call at 02076027040 or chat with our lash stylist team on WhatsApp (click on Link).

we are here to help you achieve your desired look.

2nd Reason: We are Loved by Our Lash Clients

Our goal is to make our clients feel happy.

Our clients always live an amazing feedback and reviews all over social media!

You can check our google, facebook, phorest reviews.

We share it very often on our Facebook page, Instagram profile so you can always go through the reviews.

These are some of our lash clients reviews:


Agnes dos Santos Vegan Eyelash Exntensions Salon Review 01


Agnes dos Santos Vegan Eyelash Exntensions Salon Review 03


Agnes dos Santos Vegan Eyelash Exntensions Salon Review 02

Now you know what to expect at Agnes dos Santos Lash Salon in London.

Let our lash stylist team take care of your lashes.


You can book your FREE eyelash consultation today.
Just check the availability in ou London salon. Check it 👉 HERE


Our aim to get the best results and satisfaction after your appointment!

That is what you will get at Agnes dos Santos salon in London!

3rd Reason: Lash Extensions Made Just for You

Before the appointment day, you need to book a Free lash consultation.

This is where we get to know your needs and your desired look.

Then we make sure your lashes are just the way you love them!

This is sample of Eyelash Extensions done by Agnes dos Santos lash salon in London:


Lash Experts Salon in London

Amazing lashes!

That is the kind of lash style that you can get at our lash salon.

At Agnes dos Santos we will do what we can for you to achieve your desired look.

We are here for you!

4rd Reason: We work with Vegan Lashes & Cruelty Free Products

This is the most import reason to choose Agnes dos Santos salon.

We are proud of being Vegan Lash Experts!

Our products are all synthetic and Cruelty Free.


Agnes dos Santos Vegan Lash Products

Do you desire amazing vegan lashes? Here you will have them!

Are you Ready to Get your Eyelash Extensions done?

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to get in touch.

You can always get free advice from our lash experts team. 

Just give us a call us at 02076027040 or chat with us via WhatsApp (Click on Link).

Or if you prefer, you can book a FREE lash consultation Online 👉 BOOK HERE

Also you`re more than welcome to visit one our Eyelash Extensions Salon in London at 46 Blythe Road, W14 0HA.

We truly hope this article helped you to understand more about our “Lash Experts Salon in London“.

P.S. We will always make sure that you get your lash extensions looking perfect, and our lash stylists are there for help you.

P.S. Dont forget to check it out this FREE Step by Step Lash Extensions Guide, this is a free advice guide from our lash experts.

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