Strip lashes

Lash experts at Agnes dos Santos | Perfect Eyelashes are proud to present their newest range of VEGAN luxury strip lashes created by the industries top experts

Our amazing new strip lashes are 100% vegan, lightweight and reusable. It is very important to us that you have the best experience with your lashes so use only quality synthetic fiber. Exclusively designed for Agnes dos Santos| Perfect Eyelashes by Katosu, Land of Makeup and our home team - Agnes dos Santos, Daria Wojtasik & Petra Kurejova. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did making them for you. We would love to see how you wear yours, so please tag us on social media and share your lash transformations..

Black Feather by KatOsu

Lashes are designed for women who want to wear falsies day-to-day- super natural and easy to apply they are comfortable to wear throughout the day. The subtle Black Feather is a wispy lash, adding the right amount of texture and length without looking overdone. Vegan, weightless, reusable.
RRP – £19.99

Black Leather by KatOsu

Lashes are the lash choice for a night out on the tiles. Black Leather promise to elongate and open the eye area giving the illusion of bigger eyes. Made from synthetic fibre lashes they look great with a flick of liquid liner.
RRP – £9.99

Flutter Lux by KatOsu

Flutter Lux are the most luxurious, soft, light and fluffy strip eyelashes. Hand constructed using a thin, soft, flexible band that is easy to wear and very comfortable. Made from only the highest quality synthetic fibers, Flutter Lux are cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic and can be worn up to 50 times. Glam 3D curl for the ultimate comfort and fluttery look.
RRP – £21.99

HOTARU by Land of Make-up

The perfect natural beauty enhancement. The eyelashes look so realistic when on, they are perfect for every day wear. With the intention of HOTARU being designed to look like your own perfect eyelashes, you can wear them with soft, subtle make-up for a sophisticated look.
RRP – £9.99

SHOBU by Land of Make-up

100% vegan synthetic lashes design by a makeup artist Alicja (Landofmakeup) exclusively for Agnes Dos Santos . SHOBU are design to become an exceptional frame of your eyes but preserve the natural appearance of the eye. Recommended for ever day look with or without makeup ! SHOBU will make you feel confident , glamours but also simply elegant.
RRP – £19.99

ALTIMA by Land of Make-up

100% vegan synthetic lashes design by a makeup artist Alicja ( Landofmakeup) exclusively for Agnes dos Santos. ALTIMA are design to provide you with a real magic to transform your eyes and give them enchanted and full of secrets look . These glamour lashes are extremely weightless and comfortable to wear with incredibly thin band to allow easy application . Perfect lashes for night out celebration and photographic make up .
RRP – £21.99

Pretty Day by Agnes dos Santos

Pretty Day are weightless lashes that add a soft, subtle finish to the eyes. Fabulously light and easy to apply, these perfect eyelashes are suitable for everyone.
RRP – £9.99

Afternoon Tea by Agnes dos Santos

Afternoon Tea are weightless lashes that add a midd day glam, subtle finish to the eyes. Vegan, light and easy to apply, these perfect eyelashes are suitable for everyone. Loved by brides.
RRP – £19.99

Sexy Night by Agnes dos Santos

Sexy Night are a perfect glamorous edition for a girl’s night out to compliment your look. Add the ultimate drama to your lashes with their weightless feel, wispy ends and voluminous style.
RRP – £21.99

Daria by Daria Wojtasik

Created to look and feel natural but with subtle nuances that emphasise your eyes and add interest and character to your lashes. Daria lashes are built with different length layers that will give your eyes a modern twist whilst staying truly sophisticated. Made to stay in place and fit snugly on the eyelid, they are perfect with soft make up or even on their own. 100% vegan, weightless, reusable and made for comfort. Daria eyelashes will help you add a bit of flair without the fake lash look.
RRP – £9.99

Petra by Petra Kurejova

Petra strip lashes are designed to bring an elegance with a hint of a spice to every woman's face. Luscious, fuller and thicker eyelashes draw attention as well as add a prefect definition to the eye. Petra style is designed to wear for various occasions. Mixture of different lengths with longer outer corners is perfect for creating an evening smokey eye look likewise suitable for a day wear. Petra lashes are reusable and completely weightless, not damaging for natural lashes, comfortable for wearers of contact lenses.
RRP – £9.99

Strip Lashes Applicator created by Perfect Eyelashes, KatOsu and Land of Makeup to ensure the perfect results. Gold silk finish with tube box for storage.
RRP – £7.99

Perfect Eyelashes mascara was developed to give volume to individual lash extensions, without affecting the adhesive bond. Infused with minerals, nourishing ingridients helps support natural lash growth & promote healthy lashes. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Simply remove with warm water. Cruelty free & vegan, PETA & Vegan Society approved.
RRP – £17.99

Agnes dos Santos |Perfect Eyelashes new strip lash range is of the highest hand-made quality. The expert crafted lashes are long-lasting so they can be re-used over 30 times so you can be mascara fuss free and effortlessly gorgeous!
Stay one step ahead of the beauty stakes this season with Agnes dos Santos. With 11 brand new, unique styles available to choose from, there is something for everyone.
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