3 frequently asked questions about lash extensions

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November 2, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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3 frequently asked questions about lash extensions

why do lash extensions fall out

Hello beauties!

We are typically often asked three questions about lash extensions, so today we will make your lives easier by sharing the answers with you here. 🙂 Let’s begin!

1. Do I need a patch test? If so, why is it necessary?
Yes, you will need a patch test if you’ve not had lash extensions before and also if you haven’t done them for a few months.
To be honest, we actually recommend it even when you go to a new place to get your lashes done. Why is that? You just might get allergic reaction to the glue used by the lash technician. Often different salons will use different brands of glue, they also have different techniques so to be very sure you won’t get a reaction, pop in for a free patch test to any new salon. If they don’t have this service just ask! They want you to be happy and safe in the end!

2. Can I use mascara on my lash extensions?training
Yes, you can if you feel the need! The question is, what kind of mascara should you use? It’s best to use water based mascara, to prevent difficulties when removing your lashes. Of course your make up remover must be oil free and you need to be very delicate when doing it. You don’t want to damage your lash extensions by pulling them out.

3. Should I tint my natural lashes before my lash extensions appointment?
There is no need unless your lashes are extremely fair. Most of the beauticians use white eye patches and when your lashes are very light in colour it might make it a little more of a challenge to create an amazing full look. So the best way is to get advice from the technician of your choice.  Other than that, you don’t need to tint your natural lashes prior your lash extensions appointment.

We hope by answering these frequently asked questions from our salon has helped you too!
If there is anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help you enjoy the most from your lash extensions.

Have a lovely week!

Agnes dos Santos team xx

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