Hello beauties!

Many of you have probably, at some point, wondered why lash extensions fall out? Why can’t you keep your perfect lashes forever? Well, the truth is, lash extensions fall out with your natural lashes – yes, your natural are the culprits!

You might be wondering why you’ve never noticed your natural lashes falling out before having lash extensions. The answer is simple, when one of our natural lashes is about to fall out, new ones grow to replace them – almost the same size, so we difficult to spot the difference on the daily basis. When you have lash extensions – which are always darker and longer than your natural lashes, the gaps in your lashes are more obvious and you’re more likely to notice outgrown lashes on your pillow or floor – ahh the loss! So when you think your lashes are falling out because of the lash extensions, you need to understand that they don’t. So no need to worry, it’s not the lash extensions causing your lashes to fall out, it’s simply a natural process we all grow through – see what we did there 😉

BLOGThe process is called a lash cycle. There are 3 stages phases of lash growth: Anagen Phase (lasts between 30-40 days until the lash reaches its full length), Catagen Phase (lash is pushed upwards, disconnecting from the blood supply – this might take up to 3 weeks) and Telogen Phase (final stage of the lash cycle finishing with lash falling out: it might take up to 14 weeks).

We all have different lash cycles and so it’s well worth to baring in mind that your own natural lash cycle, your lifestyle, and aftercare will affect how long your lash extensions last. We don’t apply lash extensions to baby lashes as they are too thin and weak to hold additional lash. It’s also not the weight of lash extensions, that makes your lashes fall our quicker! In general, the lash extensions will not pull out your natural lashes. However, if you pull on the extensions, your natural lash may come off with the extension. But do not worry; your natural lashes will grow back. Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself; otherwise you will pull out your own natural lashes. Each human eye has about 200 lashes. The lashes usually grow in 3 rows and have a lifespan of 60 to 90 days.

Want to ensure that your lash extensions lasts longer? Try to avoid rubbing your eyes as this may cause them to fall out before your natural lash has grown out – especially in cases where the lash was too heavy for your natural lash. But we can assure you that if you take care of them as advised your lash extensions will not fall out before your natural lash.

As always, whether you decide to use an alternative lash salon service, we always stress the importance of researching for a qualified and skilled lash technician, one who uses good quality products, which will make the lashes stay longer and healthier.


Agnes dos Santos team xx